The Thing That Happened At The Show House


English adult fiction

312 pages soft cover

ISBN 9781990936661



Meet estate agent, Lucy Martelli. She was poisoned at the show house. Now she is stuck there...

When he gets called away from a braai one Sunday afternoon for a suspected murder at a nearby show house, Captain Gideon Burke expects a straightforward homicide. However, too many things just don't add up, and he soon finds himself being drawn deeper and deeper into this strange case. As he interviews the various suspects and witnesses one by one, combing again and again through every inch of the crime scene, he can't help but be aware of the victim's lingering presence...

What does she want from him? What does he want from her? And, if the truth about their history ever comes out, will it put the case in jeopardy?

THE THING THAT HAPPENED AT THE SHOW HOUSE is a different kind of murder mystery by popular South African author, Anna Emm. Just like with the author's other books, you won't be able to put this one down!

ISBN 9781990936661